Range of services

Our highly motivated and qualified employees support you with problems and questions relating to IT and telecommunications by remote maintenance, by telephone or on site.

These are:


We monitor and administer your entire IT infrastructure so that you have time for your core tasks.

Patch- / Adv. Softwaremanagement

So that you are always up to date and your IT infrastructure offers the highest possible protection, we take care of security and feature updates.

Enterprise Helpdesk

If it is still necessary, which we will pass on to you personally - please contact our Support.

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Our IT tools for a smooth and traceable IT service:

glpi service

IT Service Management


GLPI is a web-based software for IT resource management, with an additional administration surface. The administration interface is based on PHP and MySQL, so it can be installed on almost any PC that meets these requirements.

barracuda servive


Barracuda Managed Workplace

Barracuda RMM simplifies the provision of complete data protection strategies by offering managed services providers and IT solution providers multiple security, backup and recovery options to meet the various needs of medium-sized end customers.

teamviewer service



TeamViewer is a remote maintenance software that enables the sharing of desktops from two computers. If you need technical help on the computer but the helper is not there, it is difficult to communicate the problem over the phone or via chat. TeamViewer offers a solution here, offering not only remote maintenance with remote screen sharing, but also video conferences and data transfer. In the following we explain to you what TeamViewer is and what it can do.